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CS-300B Auto-Chemistry Analyzer adalah penganalisis atas lantai berukuran kecil. Ini adalah instrumen yang ideal untuk mengonsolidasikan tes di laboratorium kecil atau menengah dengan beban kerja rendah. Ini menawarkan kinerja hingga 66 item tes secara bersamaan dan hingga 300 tes per jam.



Technical Spesification:

1. Overall Performance
Equipment Type Fully Automatic, discrete, STAT priority
Throughput (theoretical max) 300T/H for photometry tests only
Test Principle Colorimetry, turbidimetry, ISE
Analysis Method End-point, kinetics, fixed time, etc.
Simultaneous analysis item 66 colorimetric items and 3 ISE items (K, Na, Cl optional)
2. Sample Unit
Sample Position 115 sample positions, including 50 routine sample positions, 20 STAT positions, 34 calibrations positions, 8 QC positions, 3 detergent positions
Sample Cuvettes Specification Standard cup, original blood tube, multi-specification tube available
Sample Barcode 12 of 5, code 128, code 39, UPC/EAN, code 93
Sample Volume 2µ- 350µL, 0.1µL stepping
Sample Technology Liquid level detection and collision detection
Sample Probe Automatic warm water cleaning
Carrying Rate Carrying rate ≤0.1%
Automatic Sample Dilution 3-170 times
3. Reagent Unit
Reagent Probe 1, with the function of liquid level detection and collision detection
Reagent Volume 20µL – 350µL, 1µL stepping
Reagent Position single reagent disk, maximum 67 positions available, continuous 5-150C cooling within, 24 hours, loading 70 ml, 20 ml or 100 ml standard reagent kit
Reagent Barcode code 128
Reagent Probe Carrying Rate Automatic warm water cleaning. Carrying rate ≤0.1%
4. Reaction Unit
Reaction Cuvette 120 optical plastic cup, optical diameter is 6 mm
Total Volume of Reaction Liquid 150µL – 450µL
Reaction Temperature 370C, ±0.10C
Reaction Disk Constant Circulating water
Temperature Mixer 1, after inputting reagent, blending immediately
Wastewater Treatment two diffluence for high and low concentration waste water. With the function of concentrated waste liquid level alarming
5. Optical System
Light Source 20W / 12V halogen lamps
Monochromator Grating photometry
Photoelectron road Rear spectrophotometry
Wavelength 340nm, 380nm, 405nm, 450nm, 480nm, 505nm, 546nm, 570nm, 600nm, 660nm, 700nm, 750nm or 800nm
Detector Photodiode LED array
OD Linear range 0-3.3 Abs
6. Calibration and QC
Calibration 1 point linear method, 2 point linear method, multiple point linear method, non-linear method
Calibrating Tracking Automatic description calibration K-Value trends
QC Methods Real-time QC, individual QC and monthly QC
Out of Control Processing Alarming for out of control sample, record lost control reason
7. Operating System
PC Operating System Windows XP
Analysis Control Software English version graphical operating software
Main Function of Software Automatic, automatic barcode scanning, item compounding test, reagent info management, serum index, whole reaction process monitoring, dirty cup memory evading, prevent cross-contatmination procedure, patient information memory and association input, automatic report audit, data multiple parameter query, report format statistic and printing, reference range classification, alarming information classification, user operating right classification, automatic dormancy and wake, real-time online help, alarm for daily, weekly and monthly maitnenance
Report Printing Report formats support the user-defined mode, QC and state information, etc
PC configuration CPU ≥ 2.2GHz (dual-core processor); Memory ≥ 1G; Harddisk > 160G; 17 inch LCD display; Stylus, inkjet or laser printer (optional)
System connection TCP/IP network connection, standard RS-232C
8. Others
Volume 1060 mm x 790 mm x 1150 mm
Weight 230 Kg
Power Supply Voltage AC 220V±22V, 50/60 Hz, power 1.5kVA


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