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Microbial Identification & Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing System

DL-96II is used to identify isolated bacteria and fungus and determine its MIC to different antibiotics. DL-96II contains a set of detection device and embedded control device. DL-96II detects and analyzes the specimen in reagent plate by colorimetry and nephelometry, and automatically generate the results of bacterial species.


  1. DL-96II database is updated with the latest CLSI.
  2. Integrated with reader and Analyzer (inner computer)
  3. LIS/HIS and WHONET support
  4. English interface. Easy to understand and operate.


Technical Spesification:

Testing Principles Identification: Colorimetry
Susceptibility testing : Turbidimetry
Throughput 60-120 cards per hour
Optimal configuration Automated sampling device, sampling 60-80 cards per hour
Printer External printer
Interface Internal PC, support LIS/HIS, WHONET
Working Environment Environmental temperature : 50C-400C
Relative humidity : 10%-90%
Atmospheric pressure 76kPa – 106kPa
Power supply AC220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz
Dimension & Weight 700mm x 493mm x 465mm ; 31.2 kg
Product Rating
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