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Automated Blood Culture Detection System
DL-Bt 64 is used for the detection of microbial in human blood or other sterile body fluid. After inoculating the culture vials, these instrument, which incubates the specimens. As microbial rapidly grow, metabolic gases is produced. It leads to a change monitored continuously by optical sensors. Then, the expert system identifies the results of the specimens and reports it.



Technical Spesification:

Testing Principles Colorimetry & Carbonate sensor
Sample Type Blood and various sterile body fluid
Capacity 64 bottles
Detection Method 1. Adopt continuos swinging vibration mode increase bacterial growth, shich enhances the detection rate of microorganism, even fastidious ones.
2. Each vial cell has its own independent detector, which continuously monitors the real-time status of bottles.
3. The instrument detects the bottles every 10 minutes to optimize detection time and increase its precision.
Bottle Loading Loading and unloading at any time
Monitor Internal LCD 8 inch touch screen
Working Environment Environmental temperature  :50C – 400c
Relative humidity : 10% – 90%
Atmospheric pressure 76 kPa – 106 kPa
Power supply AC220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1 Hz
Dimension & Weight 575 x 560 x 950 (mm); 80 kg
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