Portable Full Auto Biochemistry Analyzer for Vet

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SMT-100V is a portable biochemistry analyzer for vet that offers a quick POCT diagnosis. Only a small volume of animal sample is needed and it can provide an accurate results. Reagents comes in disc types so veteriner can run the sample easily as a panel check up.



Technical Spesification:

Sample volume 100 µl
Barcode Two-dimensional barcode
Testing time 12 mini/sample
Testing principle Absorption spectroscopy, transmission turbidimetry
Testing method End point, kinetic, fixed time, turbidimetry, etc.
Temperature 370C±0.20C
Absorbance 0 – 4.5 Abs
Resolution 0.001 Abs
Cross contamination 0
QC & Calibrate Real time full – auto finish
Work environment Temperature : 10-320C
Humidity : < 90%
Optic system Reversed optic : 340nm, 405nm, 450nm, 505nm, 546nm, 600nm, 630nm, 850nm
Light source 12V/20W, halogen tungsten lamp`s life span is over 2500 hours
Power supply AC 100V-240V, 50-60 Hz
Power 70 W
Interface 7.0 inch true color LCD touch screen, multi-language, animal version in optical
Storage >100000 results
Printer Built-in thermal printer and external printer
Data port 4 USB, 1 RS 232. WIFI software upgrade.
Weight 5 kg
Size 31cm (H) * 21cm (W) * 28cm (L)
Reagent Disc Types
Comprehensive diagnostic 14 ALB, AST, ALT, AMY, ALP, CREA, GLU, GGT, TC, TG, TP, UREA, UA, TB
Health check 13 ALB, AST, ALT, AMY, Ca, CREA, CK, GLU, PHOS, TG, TP, UREA, TB
Electrolyte 7 Ca, Cl, K, PHOS, Mg, Na, CO2
Liver function 9 ALB, AST, ALT, ALP, GGT, TBA, TB, TC, TP
Kidney function 8 ALB, Ca, CREA, GLU, PHOS, CO2, UREA, UA
Emergency disease 10 ALT, AMY, Cl, CHE, CREA, GLU, K, Na, CO2, UREA
Pre-operation 9 AST, ALT, ALP, CREA, CK, GLU, TP, UREA, LDH
Product Rating
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