Coatron A6

Generasi baru dari aggregometer platelet 4-channel menurut metode Born. Sistem kompak mandiri yang beroperasi tanpa PC eksternal atau dalam kombinasi dengan APACT LPC-Software untuk setiap laboratorium penelitian dan rutin.

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Technical Spesification:

Available Test PT
FIB (Clauss and derived)
Factor II
Factor V
Factor VII
Factor VIII
Factor IX
Factor X
Factor XI
Factor XII
Protein-S and free Protein-S
Factor V Leiden (APCR)
LA Screen (DRVVT)
LA Confirm (DRVVT)
D-Dimer and FDP
Calculated Units %, INR, Ratio, g/L, mg/dL, ng/L, ng/mL, ug/L, IU/mL
Dimensions LxWxH : 65 x 102 x 63 cm
Weight : 55 kg
Power Input 90-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz
Ambient Conditions 18-240C, max 60% RH
no direct sunlight
Approvals CE approved
Safety: EN 61010-1
           EN 60601-1-2
Performance Throughput : 280 Tests/h, 80 profiles (PT, aPTT+FIB)
Detection System 6 optic channels at 405nm with auto light sensing and extraneous light elimination to reduce interferences such like bilirubin or sunlight
Data Output Fully bidirectional LIS connectivity (RS-232 or network)
Reagent Area 34 heated and cooled positions for reagents, controls, buffers
Specials Function Automatic for : plasma dilution up to 1:100, test calibration routines, automatic test skip if reagent out.
Database for 1 Mio patient history, test calibration management for each reagent lot, each result can be traced back reagent lot and calibration data, patient monitoring for long time periods, reaction curve monitoring
Optional Enlarged waste management, complete cover protection, TECAM PROLIS – required for bidirectional ASTM interface to LIS
Economic Quarter test volumes to 75 % cost savings, reagent dead volume is below 200µL, very economic consumption of rinse and cleaning solution, all critical system parameters are monitored and make the instrument nearly free of service


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