DR 7000D

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DR-7000D adalah penganalisis kimia semi-otomatis. Dengan fitur ukuran kecil, biaya perawatan rendah dan pengoperasian yang mudah.

DR-7000D cukup populer di antara klinik dan laboratorium berukuran kecil.

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Technical Spesification:

Wavelength 340nm, 405nm, 429nm, 505nm, 546nm, 578nm, 630nm
Testing Range 200 testing programs, open reagent system
Temperature control 250C, 300C, 370±0.10C, temperature balance time less than 10s
Methodology Kinetics, 2-point kinetic, endpoint, multistandard, absorbance, measure and calibration for QC and QC graphic
Display Large LCD Display (240×128 dot matrix LCD), english interface, legible display effect in a poor light available
Output built in thermal printer, ready to use printout, QC result, data, test result and intergrated report print out. External printer connection is available
Interface RS-232 serial port, parallel printer port
Memory 200 testing programs, 3000 testing result.
Function to save test results by accidental power-off and test results research, display and printing
Power Supply 220VAC±10%, 50±1Hz-85W
Dimension 462x418x232 (mm)
Weight 6.5 kg

Product Rating
out of 5 1


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