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CoaLab 1000 merupakan era baru dari analisis benchtop sepenuhnya otomatis untuk semua laboratorium ukuran. CoaLAB 1000 compact untuk uji koagulasi, kromogenik, dan imunologis dengan 3 panjang gelombang.
Konsep modular yang berdiri sendiri menjamin kepatuhan berkelanjutan terhadap lingkungan laboratorium yang berubah setiap saat.


Technical Spesification:

Assays PT
Thrombin Time
Batroxobin Time
Protein C & S
Ecarin Test Factors (II-XII)
Factor V Leiden
PiCT (Prothrombinase induced Clotting Test)
CRP (C-Reactive Protein)
TDT (Thrombin Dynamics Test)
TAFI (Thrombin Activatable Fibrinolysis Inhibitor)
Measuring Principle Photometric; with magnetic stirrers to homogenize the test mixture and increase the sensitivity
2 channel LED photometer (405/570/740nm) with 2 reference channels
Measuring Unit Controlled at 37.40C ± 0.40C
2-measuring channels and reference channels
Test Volume 32 cuvette ring rotor for single use
Total min. 150µL; max. 300µL
Sample/Reagent Platform 2×11 sample positions, 15 reagent positions (3x15ml, 12x5ml), 2 stirred, 3 STAT positions, 1 wash station
Sampling Capacitive pipetting device, moves in 3 directions
Pipettor heated at 370C
Dilutor, 2-250µg (precise in 1µg steps)
Display Touch sensitive color display, On-board graphic user software
Interfaces 2x RS232C, 2x USB, LAN & ChipCARDTM reader
External Connection External USB printer connectable, External Barcode Scanner connectable, PC communication
Dimensions W x D x H : 78 x 58 x 50 cm
Weight: 25.0 Kg
Power Consumption 110/240V, 50/60 Hz

Product Rating
out of 5 1


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